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機型 HK-SW3120 (D)

Diesel Power : 160 & 180Ps
Max Pressure: 0~36Kpsi
Flow Range: 0~42L/min


機型 HK-SW3160 (D)

Diesel Power : 280Ps
Max Pressure: 0~40Kpsi
Flow Range: 0~50L/min


機型 HK-SW4500 (D)

Diesel Power : 600Ps
Max Pressure: 0~36Kpsi
Flow Range: 0~213L/min

High Pressure Water Jet / Pump Rental in Malaysia

Do you need a water jet unit for a one-time job? Or want to try before you buy? It’s easy with high pressure water jet equipment rentals from Hydrokeris. We have locations across Malaysia, with the industry’s largest fleet of rental units and many of our popular accessories.

Rental water blasting equipment from Hydrokeris can solve the toughest product removal problems. For many years, we’ve been harnessing the power of water to provide an efficient, cost-effective cleaning tool for industrial plants and contractors. Whatever the build-up — rust and scale, resins, chemical residues, paint, epoxies — Hydrokeris water jet system cuts right through it and rinses it away. Water jetting leaves a clean, smooth surface, and is faster than manual methods. You won’t need chemicals, solvents or caustics (or the expensive safety and disposal procedures that go with them). Bottom line: water jetting is an efficient, non-polluting way to higher productivity… and greater profits.