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Steel Pipe Rust Removal with Water and Abrasive | 圓鐵管除鏽

Aluminum Formwork Auto Concrete Cleaning System | 鋁板自動清洗

Aluminum Formwork Auto Concrete Cleaning System | 鋁板自動清洗B

Aluminum Formwork Auto Concrete Cleaning System | 鋁板自動清洗C

Bottle Paint Auto Cleaning System | 水瓶除漆

Cutting | 切割


High Pressure Water Jet Auto Cleaning System in Malaysia

Industrial equipment designed to exceed all cleaning requirements for your parts.

No matter your industry or parts specifications, we have the industrial parts washer that will get the job done, or we will build a custom system that does.

We work with our clients to create an industrial parts washer that leverages automation to reduce our customer’s total cost of ownership while improving safety and productivity at the same time.

High Pressure Water Pump Auto Cleaning System Supplier In Malaysia

The parts washing needs of our clients range from direct spray and immersion to passivation and more.  We regularly work with clients on some of the most complex parts cleaning applications in the industry.

If you have specialized parts requirements that are unique to your industry, we can design and build a customized industrial system to solve your specific parts washing needs.

Our in-house engineering staff and manufacturing team will partner with you to design and build out a custom system that will employ state-of-the art parts washing technology and streamline your operations for increased time and budget savings.